3 Free Protein bars with any 2kg of Protein or 7 with any 4kg of Protein ! Offer ends 30th of June!


Do you have what it takes ?

We consider sponsoring individual athlete’s and teams who have the same enthusiasm as we do - to be the best.

If you would like to be considered for sponsorship by SFA , please get in touch with us.

SFA is also on the lookout for up for real people that do real things to join the SFA team.

The specific characteristic’s SFA seeks when we bring an Ambassador on-board is that they love fitness, they love health and they love to live life.

You don't need a significant number of follower’s on social media, just a genuine social media account by which your followers look to you as not only as a general inspiration, also a health and fitness inspiration.

Interested in being an affiliate for SFA?

Love our protein?

Want to get something out of it when you tell someone about our protein?

Easy, we have an affiliate program set up for you. Lets us know below.

How To Apply

To apply for sponsorship or to be an ambassador or to be an affiliate simply complete this form and we will contact you with more information.