Whey protein to lose weight?

Whey protein to lose weight?

Protein shakes aren’t a magic solution for melting off fat, banishing hunger or cravings.

Those who want to use protein shakes in a plan to achieve positive physical changes need to combine the protein shakes with regular exercise and a healthy, well-rounded eating plan to see the best results.

Whey protein reduces ' ghrelin ', which stimulates appetite, which may explain its effectiveness in reducing hunger and boosting weight loss

Can i use my protein shake as a meal replacement?

It is recommended not to use a protein shake as a sole source of nutrition and should be used alongside a well nourished healthy diet

Always consult with a medical practitioner before commencing any new supplementation as part of your diet.

How much protein should i consume per day?

To meet the functional needs such as promoting skeletal-muscle protein accretion and physical strength of a healthy adult, the RDA dietary protein intake is as follow’s;

Minimal physical activity: 1.0g/kg BW

Moderate physical activity: 1.3g/kg BW

Intense physical activity: 1.6g/kg BW

Long term consumption of 2g/kg per day is safe for healthy adults and the tolerable upper limit is 3.5g/kg BW per day for well-adapted subjects.

For example, if you are a healthy adult and you current weight is 80kg and your physical activity level is of a moderate standard, then your dietary protein requirements are approximately 104g per day.

However, for many elite athletes and competitive bodybuilders (and those competitively striving towards this level), protein needs may be even higher during peak season.

In this case, the protein recommendations have been suggested as high as 2-3.5g/kg/d to maximise the retention of lean body mass in resistance-trained individuals during hypocaloric periods i.e. low/restricted overall energy intake

Reference: Dietary protein intake and human health.