Australia - New Zealand vs USA

When you buy your protein do you check where the whey protein powder is sourced from?

Australia and New Zealand pride themselves on there treatment of cattle and its dairy products, actually they are world renowned for it.⁠⁠

Does the brand you buy state specifically where it sourced the protein from?

You will notice that the most popular brands state only where the protein is sourced from if it is from Australia and New Zealand, where as if its imported, they will state only what its fed, possibly not even that.⁠⁠

Generally Australian brands import American whey protein and state "Grass fed whey" but do not state the source, if you put "Grass fed whey protein, sourced from USA" on the same line, you'll be taken to court for false advertising.⁠⁠

There is no such thing as grass fed whey protein from the USA, again Australia and New Zealand are world renowned for its dairy products⁠⁠

And if they don't state where its sourced from, its imported from the USA⁠⁠

Why do "Proudly Australian" brands and Supplement Shops import whey protein powder from USA, when we have the best in world?

⁠⁠Simple, because its cheaper for them to sell protein to you, they don't want to support industry in Australia.

USA is world renowned for its use of rBGH which has been banned all over the world , through feeding them only grains with no natural nutrients and through poor living conditions.

90% of the protein sold in s⁠⁠supplement stores are imported for them USA.

Do your research, use the internet, just because its cheaper, does not mean its good for you.⁠⁠

SFA only uses the best whey protein powder from Australia and New Zealand⁠, we only Australian whey protein concentrate WPC, Australian micellar cassien and New Zealand whey protein isolate WPI .⁠

SFA only uses natural ingredients⁠⁠

So should you ;)⁠⁠