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Best Protein For Women?

Best Protein for Women

You've read the articles, you've seen the commercials, its actually everywhere on social media. That protein bag with pink writing on it and just in case you missed it, you'll even find a whole bag that's colored in supposedly female colors..

We hate to break it to you, actually we at SFA might suffer a significant loss for this, here it comes... There is no such thing as protein powder for women.


Yes, whey protein powder can be consumed by women.

No,  just because certain berries are added to it, it still does not make it a protein powder for women.

Whey protein powder and casein protein powder are protein’s that are derived from dairy/cow’s milk.

What is the best protein powder for women?

There is no other way to put this, Women and Men can consume the same whey protein powder and it is entirely safe to do so.

Will consuming whey protein help me loose weight?

Protein shakes aren’t a magic solution for melting off fat, banishing hunger cravings and building more lean muscle.

Those who want to use protein shakes in a plan to achieve positive physical changes need to combine them with regular exercise and a healthy, well-rounded eating plan to see the best results.

Whey protein reduces ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, which may explain its effectiveness in reducing hunger and boosting weight loss