What's the difference between WPI and WPC?

What's the difference between WPI and WPC?

Whey protein powder and casein protein powder are protein’s that are derived from dairy/cow’s milk.

Whey protein concentrate, WPC, is extracted via the utilization of the ultrafiltration process which allows molecules of about 1 micrometre.

Ultrafiltration allows the whey protein molecules to be separated from the micellar casein molecules and the rest of the matrix of the dairy milk.

The Whey protein concentrate, WPC, still is bioactive and due to this filtration process much less stringent of Whey protein isolate, WPI, it’s lactose, carbohydrate’s and fat's content is also a higher percentage.

Once Whey protein concentrate is successfully extracted via the ultrafiltration process, then the microfiltration process can be utilized as an additional step to make Whey protein isolate.

Microfiltration is a much finer and stringent filtration process and filter’s most of the lactose, carbohydrate’s and fat’s from the WPC.

However the Whey protein isolate, WPI, is still bioactive and is not denatured as is the Whey protein concentrate, WPC which was achieved by the filtration process’s that were utilized with no heat, as opposed to the traditional method which was Ion exchange and also known as zeta potential which did denature the protein and nutrient’s rendering them un-bioactive.

What are the benefits of WPI and WPC ?

Whey protein isolate, WPI, is an isolated form of whey protein and is designed to be at least 90% protein with most of the fat, protein, carbohydrate’s and lactose removed in the filtration process as opposed to Whey protein concentrate, WPC.

The benefits of this is a higher percentage of BCAA’s in WPI then WPC and increase’s the absorption rate.

However WPI and WPC both share the same amino acid profile and are both classified as complete protein which is knows as consisting all the essential amino acid’s(EAA).

Due to its excellent absorption rate, WPI is the best post training supplement to consume immediately after a workout to assist in the immediate re-fuelling of muscles and provide optimum recovery, within the nutritional window of opportunity which starts to close quite quickly after physical activity/training has stopped.


Generally speaking, fats reduce the absorption rate of nutrient’s, therefor due to WPI consisting of such a small percentage of fat it is able to be absorbed by the digestive system very quickly and provide nutrients to the recovering muscles within the nutritional window of opportunity which starts to diminish quickly after physical activity/training has stopped which aids the growth and repair of muscle tissues.

Studies have shown WPI & WPC to boost the immune system and be bioactive, If you’re looking for protein for weight loss, these are the best protein powders.

Both WPI and WPC are instantized and can be used pre-workout, post-work or as a meal replacement. Both proteins have an anabolic effect/protein synthesis and a positive net protein balance, which lead’s to increased muscle repair and growth protein.

Both WPI and WPC are high in BCAA’s, L-Leucine and L-Cysine for increased glutathione synthesis.